Shinchon Blues

신촌블루스 : SinChon Blues (1986 - 1992)

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1 Biography or Not[ | ]

SinChonBlues, although they've never been a main stream band, has influenced a lot of Korean pop musicians. Whenever, I hear their performance, I can't help comparing them to The Commitment. Well, maybe it's just me. The band also introduced several great female vocalists to us. HanYeongAe, JeongSeoYong, and JeongKyungHwa, to name a few.

There are usually a lot of people involved in each album, and they are not necessarily the same, so it's hard to say, but at least around 1989, the members were roughly like the following: EomInHo (g), LeeWonJae (b), JeongTaeGuk (dr), KimMyeongSu (p). --HongCho, 1996-12-28

Shinchon Blues are one of the oldest surving underground bands in Korea. They probably started out sometime in the early or mid eighties and have gone through continuous personnel changes. As their name suggests there goal is to present blues in a Korean style. They have produced numerous albums and as far as I know the songs have always been originals with Korean lyrics. The samples that I have heard do not follow a pure blues format but seem to have a jazz flavour.
The ususual flavour of the music could be a result of employing a different set of scales for playing. (Probably a minor scale {Aeolian?} instead of the usual pentatonic blues scale.) --MichaelGlass

2 II(1989)[ | ]


★★★★★ [SRB Records]  GaYo, Blues, Jazz, Rock

SinChonBlues is the best blues session project, in Korean rock history. Various members parted, and they became the main performer in GaYo scene later. In this album the soulrubber KimHyeonSik, folk singer-guitarist LeeJeongSeon and blues guitarist EomInHo are main performer. And fusion jazz/GaYo group BomYeoReumGaEulGyeoUl and folk singer-bassist LeeWonJae parted as guests. Mainly leaded by LeeJeongSeon and EomInHo, SinChonBlues released 4 albums. HanYeongAe was a member also.

Their play shows real jam, it's very rare in Korean rock history. And they play not only blues but also funky, soul & folk. Basically blues rock. In these days Korean blues rock is very rare except KimMokGyeong. Young listeners never listen blues & folk, sadly.

HwangHon Twilight
BaRamInGa, BitSokESeo Is It the Wind, in the Rain
San WiE OlLa Up on the Mountain
HwanSang Illusion
AMuMalDo EopSi DdeoNaYo Leave Without a Word
GolMokGil An Alley
Ddo HaNaEui NaeGa ItDaMyeon If I Had Another Me
BitSokE SeoItNeun YeoJa A Woman Standing in the Rain

3 Discography[ | ]

As Year Album Title
SinChonBlues 1988 SinChon Blues
SinChonBlues 1989 II
SinChonBlues 1989 Live
SinChonBlues 1990 III
EomInHo 1990 Sing the Blues
SinChonBlues 1991 Live vol.2
SinChonBlues 1992 IV
EomInHo 199? Sweet & Blue Hours
EomInHo 1998 SipNyeonEui GoDok
10 Years Solitude
Eom InHo & BakBoBand 2000 Rainbow Bridge

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