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1 Biography or not[ | ]

PiPi Band are ParkHyeonJun, GangGiYeong and LeeYunJeong. They were inspired by british modern rock & neo-punk, and the funny lyrics & funky rhythm made them a symbol of youth. They are basically independant artist. In their next album they absorbed SonicYouth style. But people rejected their 2nd, < BulGaNeungHan JakJeon; Mission Impossible > . Their popular but anti-pop attitude counldn't be understood by common people so disbanded. GangGiYeong nicknamed DalPaRan and turned his music style techno and released the 1st solo < WhiPaRam Byeol; Whistle Star > as the name DJ DalPaRan. ParkHyeonJun participated the indie experimental band 99. LeeYunJeong released techno album < JinHwa; Evolution > but failed. --DisTort, 1999

They officially quit as a group 20 days after the release of their second album. That's right. Except for a "remake" album to be released very shorted out of their initial contract, they will not do any public activity as "pipiband."

Well, well. They've changed their lead singer. They've changed their name. But they are still "Pipi". They are now called Pipi Long Stocking, and Goguma (aka. Kwon, ByeongJun) came in place of Lee, YunJeong. Now Kang, GiYoung calls himself DalPaRan. But their music is still punk-ish. --HongCho, 1997-03-31

2 MunHwaHyeokMyeong(1995); Cultural Revolution; 文化革命 [ | ]


★★★★★ [Song Studio; Digital Media Records] Post Punk, British Modern Rock, Female Vocal, Simple Mind

[Play:PiPiDdalGi.mp3 DdalGi, Strawberry] shows their anti-seriousism, and [Play:PiPi1Supermarket.mp3 Supermarket]'s simple love theme reflected teenage mind. --DisTort, 1999

This will give you a somewhat different flavor. One of my friends was listening to it, and I thought it would be fun to put it here. The group consists of two guys and a very "energetic" girl. I think one of the guys previous played guitar in the band H2O. Well, that's all I know about the band.

Their album title, MunHwaHyeokMyeong (which means a cultural revolution), seems to be too grandiose for the actual contents. I would say it is "amusing", if anything. Some of the songs, indivually, have good vibes, but as a whole, the album is desperately in need of a character.

If you feel like it, do listen to DdalGi, Supermarket, Papillon, DdaeRoNeun GeuDaeGa, and AnNyeongHaSeYo. I don't know why, but whenever I listen to Supermarket, I think of the Hong Kong flick called JungGyeongSamLim / Chung King Express. --HongCho, 1997-03-31

AnNyeongHaSeYo Hello
DdalGi Strawberry
YoJeum AeDeul Sip GyeMyeong Modern Ten Commandments
Papillon Butterfly
NatJam Siesta
DdaeRoNeun GeuDaeGa Sometimes You Were ...
EoWulLiGi Matching
SaRang Love
1995 Nyeon 7 Wol 9 Il 1:10':15" AM

3 One Way Ticket(1997) [ | ]


★★★★ [Dong-A] Post Punk, British Modern Rock, Simple Mind

As you know after withdrawing LeeYunJeong, PiPi Band renamed PiPi Long Stocking with new member GoGuMa(KwonByeongJun). Their style is still unique and the reckless experiments disappeared. The single [Play:PiPi3BaBoBeoSeu.mp3 BaBoBeoSeu; Foolish Bus] is funny but moderate song. [Play:PiPi3GeoBukI.mp3 GeoBukI; Tortoise] contains the story rabbit and tortoise but distorted. I think most brilliant song is [Play:PiPi3SaGeon.mp3 SaGeon; Accident], monotoneous rhythm repeated. Anyway they disbanded DalPaRan(GangGiYeong) released techno album. GoGuMa manage the independant production GangAJi. Park HyunJoon withdraw the band 99. --DisTort, 1999

This is their new album. The singer changed: one who calls himself GoGuMa (sweet potato). They got into some trouble in a live broadcast because one raised his middle finger to the camera, and another spit water on (also) the camera. Well.

I like some of the songs in the album. Some are very silly and some sounds like an experiment of making "sound." (e.g., GyeDan). I like it better than the second one, but still nothing can beat the debut album.

Oh, the last but not the least. (I don't think they did it on purpose, but) on their album cover they've written "3th." Somebody definitely didn't check his spelling. --HongCho, 1997-03-31

JoGeumMan Deo A Little More
BaBo BeoSeu Bus of Fools
AJikDo NunI NaeRyeo It's Still Snowing
Ice Cream
GeoBuGi Turtle
1997.1.26 9:50'40PM
GyeDan Stairs
ToGgiSaRam Rabbit Man
SaGeon Incidents
12 Si 12 O'Clock

4 Discography[ | ]

As Year Album Title
H2O 1992 GeokJeongHaJiMa
Don't Care
H2O 1993 ONeul NaNeun
Today I
PiPi Band 1995 MunHwaHyeokMyeong
Cultural Revolution
PiPi Band 1996 BulGaNeungHan JakJeon
Mission Impossible
PiPi Band 1996 BungEoBbang
Fish Bread
PiPi Long Stocking 1997 One Way Ticket
99(include ParkHyeonJun & GoGuMa) 1997 99 & Yellow Kitchen
LeeYunJeong 1997 JinHwa
DalPaRan 1998 HwiPaRam Byeol
Whistle Star
GangSanE(DalPaRan produce) 1999 HaRuAChim
One Day Morning
WonderBird 1999 AkEoSae
(include ParkHyeonJun & GoGuMa) Crocodile Bird
DalPaRan 1999 GeoJitMal
DalPaRan with JeongWonYeong 1999 Cut Runs Deep(OST)

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