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1 Biography or Not[ | ]

This is a very strange band. The both member are somewhat established professionals, who had knack for making music. They run a live rock place and known to perform before the album came out. Nothing much is known to me except that one of the member was something like an interior designer.

Their musical philosophy seems to be "unseriousness," or "baseness." They have collaborated with EoEoBu Project Band and the both band have quite a bit in common. --HongCho, 1997-06-01

2 ManByeongTongchi(1997); Cure for all the Illness; 萬病痛治 [ | ]


★★★★ Modern Rock, Comic, Indie, Cynical
==== HongCho, 1997-06-01 ====

HwangSinHyeBand are KimHyeongTae and JoYunSeok.

This is their debut album. I don't know if they want to make any more albums. I don't think they are too serious about making living out of this.

I can't say it is "enjoyable", nor "great". Harmonic progression is very simple and the lyrics usually don't make sense. They are plain different. I am just hoping that some of their influence can go into the mainstream gayo. Or at least, make people to devise new ways and experiment with more things.

==== DisTort, 1999 ====

HwangSinHyeBand is a son of the Korean indie scene boom in 98. After the withrawing the Military Dictatorship, the new wave shocked the Korean youth culture. Many indie bands were born, and there are funny performance band like EoEoBu Project Band, IBalSsyoPoReuNoSsi and HwangSinHyeBand. The leader KimHyeongTae was a installation artist also he managed a cafe. Jo YunSeok[multi artist(?)] visited the cafe and just said let's do the band. Then they never played the guitar. The two started to write songs and playing. Their songs were not so good but the comic lyrics and bizarre stage manner made them famous. HwangSinHye is the name of very popular actress. After releasing this album they became pro band and gathered official members who played so many years. The producer JangYeongGyu is a member of EoEoBu Project Band. These bizarre bands show 90s kitsch, anti-culture and lo-fi style.

Pain Killer
DakDaeGaRi Chicken Head
MatJomBolLae Want to Be Taught a Lesson?
MunJeonBakDae A Cold Reception at the Door
NimGwa HamGge (remake) With My Love
MuNeoJinDa Timber!
DwingGulDwingGul Loafing Around
JjamBbong disco version

3 GeonJeonGaYo(1998); Healthy Songs; 건전가요 [ | ]


(Ssamzie; DoSiRok Records; SynNara Music)
==== HongCho, 1999-03-07 ====

Yes, they are back! There have been some member changes since their debut album. Now HwangSinHyeBand are KimHyeongTae (voice, guitars and programming), HasegawaYohei (guitars), GoGyeongCheon (keyboards & synth), JangMinSeung (bass), and ParkSeungJae (drums).

KimHyeongTae's whimsical escapades continues. It's really an interesting band. The whole idea of making unsophisticated, un-refined, simple, even childish music (close to the 50s, 60s Korean music) is refreshing enough, I guess. This band just refuse to follow the latest U.S./Western pop trends. :) This album includes a saw playing track (by Jeon, Hong)... I guess, they are, in fact, a retro (Korean retro, that is) rock band if you think about it... Interesting enough, they seem to have a small following in Japan...

One more thing... It could be more interesting if they can get a female vocal... Maybe like someone with a vocal quality of North Korea (or Northeastern China). North

Bottom line: If you liked their debut album, get it. And I strongly believe that everyone should at least be exposed to their music. :)

For the second album, the members are KimHyeongTae (voice, guitars and programming), HasegawaYohei (guitars), GoGyeongCheon (keyboards and synth), JangMinSeung (bass), and ParkSeongJae (drums).

I am actually surprised that their second album is released. :) This time, there is a quite a bit of change in the members. However, musically and philosophically, nothing much has been changed. You will still be perplexed why you get drawn to these "el cheapo" retro music. :)

BaeTal Upset Stomach
PiNanYeolCha Evacuation Train
WatDa GatDa
HeuiMangGa Hope Song
GgomJjaMaRa Don't Move
GongHwang Panic
SonTop Finger Nail
GangGeonNeo BulGuGyeong Looking at the Fire on the Other Side of the River
AngKol Encore
Pain Killer II

4 TeukByeolSi SoNyeonSoNyeo EP(1999); Special City Boys and Girls; 특별시 소년소녀 [ | ]


==== HongCho, 1999-06-08 ====

This is a single album. They even labeled it as "Ver. 2.5" as it only contains five tracks. But my guess is that this is actually an OST. album for a Korean independent/low-budget film of the same title by ChoiSoWon.

Anyway, for this project, they are KimHyeongTae (vocal, guitars, sampling and sequencing), HasegawaYohei (guitars and synth), MunEunJi (bass and background vocals), GoGyeongCheon (keyboards and synth), and KimYeongJun (drums).

The CD contains four new tracks and a different version of MunJeonBakDae, which I thought was a bit weak. Nothing really new were shown as most of the music was clearly written with the secondary function in mind.

The more interesting thing is the company that's producing all these, ssamzie. I initially thought this was just an independent music label, or Mr. Kim's art studio. But just as you will found out by visiting their site, it's a clothing/accessory manufacturer, who's supporting these "avant-garde" projects on the side.

Bottom line: Not really recommended for most people just like their other CDs. :)

5 Discography[ | ]

Year Album Title
1997 ManByeongTongChi
Cure for all the Illness
1998 GeonJeonGaYo
Healthy GaYo
1998 JjamBbong(Maxi single in Japanese)
1999 TeukByeolSi SoNyeonSoNyeo(EP)
Special City Boys and Girls

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