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  • varnish 로그 데몬
[root@zetaproxy ~]# ps -ef | grep varnishlog | grep -v grep
root      1690     1  0 05:04 ?        00:02:00 /usr/bin/varnishlog -a -w /var/log/varnish/varnish.log -D -P /var/run/

2 옵션[편집]

Usage: varnishlog <options>


 [-a]                      Append to file
 [-A]                      Text output
 [-b]                      Only display backend records
 [-c]                      Only display client records
 [-C]                      Caseless regular expressions
 [-d]                      Process old log entries and exit
 [-D]                      Daemonize
 [-g <session|request|vxid|raw>] Grouping mode (default: vxid)
 [-h]                      Usage help
 [-i <taglist>]            Include tags
 [-I <[taglist:]regex>]    Include by regex
 [-k <num>]                Limit transactions
 [-L <limit>]              Incomplete transaction limit
 [-n <name>]               Varnish instance name
 [-N <filename>]           VSM filename
 [-P <file>]               PID file
 [-q <query>]              VSL query
 [-r <filename>]           Binary file input
 [-t <seconds|off>]        VSM connection timeout
 [-T <seconds>]            Transaction end timeout
 [-v]                      Verbose record printing
 [-V]                      Version
 [-w <filename>]           Output filename
 [-x <taglist>]            Exclude tags
 [-X <[taglist:]regex>]    Exclude by regex

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