Town Bloody Hall

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Town Bloody Hall
타운 블러디 홀
  • 1971년 다큐멘터리

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청중의 질문 'what sex for women would be like after liberation'에 대해

Greer: Why do you ask this question?

(Male) audience member (AM): Because I don't find it anywhere in the literature.

Greer: Why would you expect to find it anywhere in the literature? ...You ask me to describe a state of affairs that doesn't exist. It's a perfectly unreasonable demand. What makes you suppose women's liberation has happened?

AM: …I really don't know what women are asking for, and I suppose I want to give it to them.

Greer: You may as well relax. Because whatever it is they're asking for, honey, it's not for you.

- 동영상 (2:15 - 3:22)

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