시나위 : SiNaWi (1983 - ) aka Sinawe

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1 Biography or Not[편집]

SiNaWi. Led by ShinDaeCheol, a son of ShinJungHyeon, they defined Korean hard rock movement in the 80's. When there was very little audience base in Korea for "close-to-metal" hard rock, they had a consistent fan base. --HongCho, 1997-03-31

2 MaeMatNeun AI(1995); The Strucked Kid; 매맞는 아이 [편집]


★★★★ Metal/Hard Rock, Modern Rock

SiNaWi is the history of Korean Metal. They played LA metal at first. It was revolution doing Metal in Korea. Long hair, shout voice and distorted guitar all were unpardonable behaviors. Anyway they started and became the volunteer. Leader ShinDaeChul is the son of ShinJungHyeon. Blood is thicker than water. Title song [Play:SiNaWi5MaeMatNeunAI.mp3 MaeMatNeun AI] contains simple but powerful metal inspired by Seatle Grunge. How about listen the Far East cover of [Play:SiNaWi5WaitingForTheSun.MP3 Waiting for the Sun], the Doors. But their musical subjectivity isn't firm, their albums have various metal. Also listen the song [Play:SiNaWi5SuReBaQuiMitESu.mp3 SuReBaQui MitESeo; Under the Wheel]. --DisTort, 1999

3 EunToiSeonEon(1997); Retirement Declaration; 은퇴선언[편집]

100789.jpg [Doremi Records]

Metal/Hard Rock, Modern Rock
HaeRangSa Uoy Evol I
HeotSoRi Nonsense
NaeBeoRyeo Dwo Leave Me Alone
JukEun NaMu Dead Tree
WanJang Armband
PyeHeo Ruins
Blue Baby
JuMinDeungNokJeung ID Card
GoGitDeongEoRi A Piece of Meat
BaekBun White Powder
DeomByeo Put 'Em Up
GgotNip Petal
EoMeoNiEui Ddang Mother's Land
EunToe SeonEon Retirement Announcement

4 Psychedelos(1998)[편집]

CD:2081640 [Doremi Records]

Metal/Hard Rock, Modern Rock

Personally a very-looked-forward-to 7th album from SiNaWi. The bassist changed for this CD, so they are KimBaDa (vocals), ShinDaeCheol (well, the Roman alphabet spelling keeps changing... :)) (guitars), KimKyeongWon (bass), and ShinDongHyeon (drums).

Actually, I am not sure why they chose the title, Psychedelos. I can't connect it to any of the tracks... The tracks are all solid. Pure rock 'n roll. This album isn't too different from the previous one. It contains 14 tracks and they know how to make rock numbers. I don't know if I mentioned it before, but I really like the vocal. Although they are not the modern/alternative kind trying to keep up with the times, I still think they rock and they (or I should say, ShinDaeCheol) are adapting to the modern "sounds" and recording techniques very well. Too bad that most of the "young" Korean audience isn't digging it.

Bottom line: Get it. What are you waiting for? :) --HongCho, 1999-01-24

This is their seventh album. Although they mentions "Psyche" in the title of the album, I don't see the point of it. It's pretty much the same stuff that they always do well. --HongCho, 1999-03-07

SangSeung Ascent
HeuiMangGa Hope Song
YuRiSangJa Glass Box
ChwiHan NaBi Drunken Butterfly
NalGae Wings
BulgEun JangMiBat Bed of Red Roses
SunJongEui Byeok Wall of Obedience
GaeYa JitJeoRa Bark, You Dog
MiChin GyeJeol Mad Season
JaNanEui YoungGwang Glory of Disaster
AkEui Ggot Flower of Evil
ByeonSin Transformation
YuSeo A Will
HaeRangSa II Ouy Evol I 2

5 Discography[편집]

Year Album Title
1983 KeuGe RaDiOReul KyeoGo
With Voluming Up the Radio
1987 Down & Up
1988 Free Man
1990 4
1995 MaeMatNeun AI
The Strucked Kid
1996 Circus[EP]
1997 EunToiSeonEon
Retirement Declaration
1998 Psychedelos
Winter Night, Winter Morning
2000 PaRanBam
Blue Night[EP]
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