pecl help options

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# pecl -V
PEAR Version: 1.10.9
PHP Version: 7.2.19
Zend Engine Version: 3.2.0
Running on: Linux localhost 4.9.0-9-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 4.9.168-1 (2019-04-12) x86_64
# pecl help options
     -v         increase verbosity level (default 1)
     -q         be quiet, decrease verbosity level
     -c file    find user configuration in `file'
     -C file    find system configuration in `file'
     -d foo=bar set user config variable `foo' to `bar'
     -D foo=bar set system config variable `foo' to `bar'
     -G         start in graphical (Gtk) mode
     -s         store user configuration
     -S         store system configuration
     -u foo     unset `foo' in the user configuration
     -h, -?     display help/usage (this message)
     -V         version information

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