낯선사람들 : Strangers (1993 - )


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1 Biography or Not[편집]

From HongCho's page :
==== HongCho, 1997-11-24 ====

Hello, and welcome to the unofficial home page of my favorite gayo singers, "NatSeonSaRamDeul". From what little I know, they were formed by alumni from one Incheon university who were in a college singing group, also called "NatSeonSaRamDeul".

When I first heard them, I thought I was listening to The Manhattan Transfer. Their music is... funk/pop/rock-fusion, I should say. Some might say that it's "jazz". Maybe in very broad sense, but I wouldn't agree. It's hard (for me) to define their music, but it's definitely a "fun", dance-able music.

Currently there are five members (2 females and 3 males), and they have release two albums so far, the first in 1993 and the second in 1996. They are doing concerts and participate in other musicians albums.

Any comments or information on the group are welcomed.

They don't have detailed information on their CD sleeves, so a lot of what's written down here is based on my conjectures.

  • BaekMyeongSeok : Bearded bass singer. Someone once asked me if I were the man in the poster below. Yeah, right. I would gladly fill in for him, if he asked me to, though. :)
  • ChaEunJu : Came in for the second album after Lee, Sora went solo. Her resume includes "Anam Delta Gayo Festival" and "EBS Gayo Festival". Her voice is quite different from Sora's, so I think that's why the overall mood of the second album got "brighter."
  • HeoEunYeong : Female high part. She wrote many lyrics on the second album. Although she got kind of obscured by Lee, Sora on the first album, if you listen to "A Park With A Willow Tree," you can see that she has a great voice and nice feel.
  • GoChanYong : I am beginning to think that he was the one who sang the solo on "The Great Escape from the City". This guy is amazing. He wrote all the songs on both albums and plays a very funky acoustic guitar. He seems to be the real driving force of the team. Not sure whether he actually sang on any of the albums.
  • LeeSoRa

Sang low female part on the first album. For her first solo album in 1995, she left the team. By no means, I can call her voice "clear," but her voice definitely has a character. You should've seen her sing "On the Stage" at a concert.

Sings the high male part. Despite his balding look, seems to sing "young," especially on "The Great Escape from the City."

2 NatSeonSaRamDeul(1993); Strangers; 낯선사람들 [편집]


(Hana Music)
==== HongCho, 1997-01-15 ====

This is the group's first album. I have a separate page for them. You can visit the page by clicking here. It is rather an old (1993) album, but I still listen to it. They started out as a college singing club. So, I am not sure if there will be any other album in the future. Since Lee, Sora, one of their key members, split and went solo, the prospect of their future releases seems less likely.

Hong's Recommendation: MuDae WiE, HaeEui GoMin.

NatSeonSaRamDeul Strangers
DongGeuRaMi, NeMo, SeMo Circle, Rectangle, Triangle
BiNil WuSan Plastic Umbrella
Wae Neul...? Why Always...?
SaekChilEul HalGga Colors
HaeEui GoMin Trouble of the Sun
MuDae WiE On Stage
MuDae WiE On Stage Reprise
DongMulWon Zoo
BeoDeuNaMuGa ItNeun GongWon Park With Willow Trees

3 2 (1996) [편집]


(CheIlJeDang; Knox)
==== HongCho, 1997-01-15 ====

Finally!!! Their second album is here. Although they lack the voice of Lee, Sora, this is a very good album. I think Mr. Goh did it again!!!

Oh, and the new female singer's name is Cha, EunJu. I found it out at Intermusic.

I recommend everything on this CD. :) Well, you've already figured out why I have their home page...

DuRyeoWun HaengWun Afraid of Happiness
Prism Prism
AkMong Nightmare
YakSokSiGan Han SiGan Dwi One Hour Past The Date
PeoJeul GatEun BiMil Puzzle-like Secret
SeonMul A Present
EonJeBuTeo NaReul EoReunIRa HaetNa Since When Was I Called an Adult
NaeGe GeuDaen To Me, You Are...
GgumGwa HyeonSil Dream and Reality
DoSiDaeTalChul Great Escape From The City
HaengBokHaJi AnNaYo Aren't You Happy
1000 NyeonDae Mal End of a Millenium

4 Discography[편집]

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