달파란 : Blue Moon (1995 - 1997) aka GangGiYeong Palan Dal


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1 Biography or not[ | ]

palan dal can be also written (or read in Korean) as DalPaRan (which can be translated directly as "moon blue"). He is also known as GangGiYeong, who previous participated in one of the funkiest band PiPi Band. --HongCho, 1998-09-18

2 HwiPaRam Byeol(1998); Whistle Star; 휘파람 별 [ | ]


★★★★☆  [Pump GiRok; Doremi Records]   Techno, Drum'n Bass, House
==== HongCho, 1998-09-17 ====

An interesting title to match the name. palan dal (as written on the CD) is also known as DalPaRan. Who is this guy? Well, his real name is GangGiYeong and he used to be a PiPi Band. Ah, now you get it.

So what's this album about? You might expect a very "avant-garde" rock because of his pipiband background. Well, it's not quite like that. Actually this is a techno ("club music," if you must) album. Except for a voice clip from KimHyeongTae of HwangSinHyeBand, he did all the work.

His techno is not a violent one: there are some "trance"-like ones, but most of them are loop-based "club"-type. The reason I got all excited about was that his works actually sound like an authentic techno (if there is such a thing). I wanted to check out an album by mojave several months ago, but there was that empty-CD-case incident.

The theme of this album is HwiPaRam, which means "whistle" in Korean. I guess he put "Byeol" ("star"/"planet") to make it sound more futuristic, but I think it originally came from a sample he used for the second track. The clip is from an old (60s or 70s, I think) Korean song HwiPaRamEul BulMyeo.

My only gripe is that since I am no techno expert, I still don't know what "components" define a techno artist's work. I mean, when you hear a PatMetheny tune, you immediate recognize that. But how can I tell for a techno? Except for the second track, which uses a Korean music clip, it's really hard to tell if there is any of his originality in there. I am sure techno groovies will dig this, but I need to explore more for myself.

Bottom line: As I said, this is the first authentic-sounding Korean techno album I've encountered. Although it's hard to see his originality among the "standard"-ish loops, if you are into techno, you might like to check this out. I am taking this to my work.

==== HongCho, 1998-09-18 ====

Wow. This is the first authentic sounding Korean techno album I've encountered. You can also say this is a "club" music. I've seen the other members of PiPi Long Stocking working on several projects, but Mr. Gang didn't release anything. And I always wondered about that.

Well, I think he came out big (popular? Well, that's whole another story...). I am not sure if there is a techno club in Korea, but looking at the acknowledgements, I see a club name Club MLI, so there must be. I hope genre diversity continue to grow.

==== DisTort, 1999 ====

DalPaRan started as DJing after disbanding PiPi Long Stocking. He DJed in clubs like Master Plan his own tracks and standard like JudyCreeks, JoshWink, RobertMiles, RoniSize, Dr.Alban, Bucketheads, N-Trance, CultureBeat and Underworld. He does not only techno but also drum'n bass. This album contains 65 minutes transfering music. Before him, Mojave released the first techno album but it wasn't sufficient. But DJ DalPaRan released really good stuff, and this is concept album. I like his techno Music but I hope to hear his groove bass.

JiGuReul DdeoNaMyeo Leaving the Earth
HwiPaRamByeolEui WoeGyeIn The Alien of the Whistle Planet
HwiPaRamByeolEui ChoDae The Invitation of the Whistle Planet
HwiPaRam DoSi The Whistle City
HwiPaRam Namu The Whistle Tree
HwiPaRam NyuSeu The Whistle News
HwiPaRam EonDeokEui BaRam The Wind of the Whistle Hill
HwiPaRam KoMik DaenSeu PaTi The Whistle Comic Dance Party
HwiPaRam GwangJang The Whistle Square
GwangJang KonSeoTeu The Square Concert
BiNilEui YeoSin The Goddess of Vynil
HwiPaRamByeolEui NonRi The Logic of the Whistle Planet
HwiPaRam SaengHwal (HwiPaRam LuPeu) The Whistle Life (Whistle Loop)

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